Life with Bipolar II Disorder

Life is a Journey


Anna Grace - My Life With Bipolar Disorder

Having struggled with my mental health for many years I finally decided that I wanted to use my experience to help other people. Originally I started this blog to process my recent diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder II however, I have become inspired to talk about my journey in the hope that someone might find it helpful. I hope you enjoy my mental health blog!


Sick Day

Today, I have taken the day off work because I knew that I wasn't in the right place to go into work. When people think about taking the...

Myth Buster

Although Bipolar Disorder is a fairly common mental illness, it is not well represented. Many people believe Bipolar Disorder is someone...

Conquering a Fear

Ever since I could remember confrontation has been one of my biggest fear, with the idea of quitting looming over me my anxiety levels...