Life with Bipolar II Disorder

Life is a Journey


Anna Grace - My Life With Bipolar Disorder

Having struggled with my mental health for many years I finally decided that I wanted to use my experience to help other people. Originally I started this blog to process my recent diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder II however, I have become inspired to talk about my journey in the hope that someone might find it helpful. I hope you enjoy my mental health blog!


Projecting Insecurity

Over the last 4 or so years I have tried a range of different therapies, many of which I haven't gotten along with. As part of recovery...

What Should I Say?

I've had a lot of people tell me that when I have first told them about my mental illness that they have no clue what to say to me. I...

Grasping for Control

Trigger Warning: Mentions of eating disorders, self harm and suicidal ideation Everyone can empathise with feeling out of control, its...

Mood Confusion?

This can all be confusing and stressful. Make sure that you have people around you who you can trust and who know how you are feeling.

Conquering a Fear

Ever since I could remember confrontation has been one of my biggest fear, with the idea of quitting looming over me my anxiety levels...

Fixing My Mistakes

If you have Bipolar or know someone with Bipolar you will know that Manic or Hypomanic Episodes can lead to frustrating consequences....

Coffee with Mum

Since I learnt to drive one of the things that I have lost is spending time with my mum. We used to have our deep chats as she would give...

Lows after Highs

I recognise that I am hitting a depressive episode, and that is scary for me. I know that for me depression is the more severe of the two st

First Post!

Full disclosure, this is the first time I have started a blog when I have not been having a hypomanic episode and therefore I don't have...