Coffee with Mum

Since I learnt to drive one of the things that I have lost is spending time with my mum. We used to have our deep chats as she would give me lifts wherever I needed to go, it was our time where we could talk about the things that had happened that week.

My mum has always been my confidant, and over the years we have spent a lot of our time together, Losing that is difficult, but it also shows the advancement of our relationship, a normal part of growing up.

We decided that we would start going for coffee so that we could still have a time to talk about the things that have been going on in our lives. I have been mulling things over throughout the last couple of weeks and I have found it helpful still having some one to go to.

As much as we grow up, it important to remember that we can always still go to our parents for help; it's their job to guide us and help make good decisions in life, or even just be a listening ear whilst you process information.

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