Conquering a Fear

Ever since I could remember confrontation has been one of my biggest fear, with the idea of quitting looming over me my anxiety levels have been skyrocketing.

This morning, I looked that fear in the face and I did it anyway. For a while this has been a personal motto for me, feel the fear do it anyway, it has opened up my life drastically.

It feels hard that this morning I officially handed in my notice because of my Bipolar Disorder. It is easy to feel defeated when having to give up some of my acquired independence and capability because of my mental health. However, I am trying to find the positives, I am making this decision to allow myself to live a more happy and healthy life and giving myself time to focus on improving myself.

Furthermore, I faced my fear of confrontation (or perceived confrontation) by quitting, so I also have something to be proud of myself for.

One month left and then I will be starting a whole new chapter of my life, I'm choosing to see it this way so that I can count this as a win and a step forward rather than a step back. Therefore, I can feel proud of myself for stepping into something new.

One of my biggest struggles in self-depreciation and therefore I am making an effort to recognise the amazing things that I am managing to do despite my Bipolar Disorder rather than punishing myself for things I cannot do because of my Bipolar Disorder.

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