Fixing My Mistakes

If you have Bipolar or know someone with Bipolar you will know that Manic or Hypomanic Episodes can lead to frustrating consequences. They have landed my with an array of different colourful hairstyles and a multitude of tattoos and piercings.

My most recent episode I decided it would be a fantastic idea to give myself a stick and poke tattoo (DO NOT DO THIS!) I won't lie, this was not my first stick and poke (Previous episodes had landed me with an elephant on my foot and a heart on my hip). My most recent attempt was the word 'Strong' on my forearm, the most visible tattoo yet. Unfortunately this attempt didn't go so well... I have been living with a botched tattoo (as seen below) as a reminder of an episode (along with some bright pink hair dye in the end of my hair).

I finally managed to get the time to head down to a tattoo parlour to see if I could book myself an appointment to fix it. Luckily for me, they had free space for today. Now, I still have the same word, you can even still see the remnants of the old tattoo behind it. But that is okay. Now, I can look at it and see that, yes, I had a hypomanic episode and made yet another hypomanic episode, but I also got through it... I have a reminder that no matter what happens I can turn it into something powerful because I am strong.

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