Putting Exercise on Food Labels?!?!

One year into recovery my motivation to get better is pretty strong; but I still have my bad days. I still have days where I count calories in my head, feel an urge to over-exercise and check food labels.

Recovery is two steps forward one step back, and that's okay. What's not okay is inconsiderate, anti-obesity campaigns that are going to hinder not just mine, but thousands of other peoples recoveries, worsen eating disorder and perhaps even encourage eating disorders to begin.

Eating disorders kill people yet there is such a lack of consideration when it comes to nutritional "health". Yes, there is an obesity crisis, but advertising quick weight loss and unhealthy food relationships is not the answer. We cannot just look at the physical health of people who struggle with food (this does not just mean people who suffer with anorexia; binge eating disorder, bulimia and other eating disorders are equally as legitimate and dangerous). It's so important to consider that relationship with food is very delicate, we have to consider the mental health of people who are going to be buying products with an ill considered exercise order slapped on the front.

It is so important that this initiative does not go through. It is my belief that advertising the amount of exercise needed to burn off food not only oversimplifies the problem but is likely to create more problems. In a time when the NHS is struggling we cannot let this happen! This oversimplification is dangerous and lack the understanding of the source of the obesity crisis. It minimises the problem and blames the individual for their obesity. There is a lack of forethought into the mental health of the public.

The answer is not sticking a plaster on the problem (one likely to not only not treat the underlying cause but also cause more damage) but to address the underlying mental health of the public in order to create healthier relationships with food. This therefore looks after not only people who struggle with obesity but also is considerate of those who struggle with other types of eating disorders.

Again I need to highlight the importance of stopping this idea form becoming a reality as it is guaranteed to be detrimental.

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