Maintaining Good Mental Health During COVID-19

It's important to look after your physical health during a pandemic, but it is equally as important to remember to look after your mental health. Here are a few tips for maintaining your mental health whether you are self-isolating or just anxious about everything that is going on:

- Find ways to connect with other people (be inventive)

In an age with fantastic technology it's time that we utilise it. When we are self isolating we do not have to be alone, we can support each other through this anxiety inducing time and talk to one another.

Using apps such as Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp we can have face to face connection without risk of infection.

- Take breaks from social media and reading the news

It can be so easy to get consumed by the news and obsessed with everything that's going on but taking a minute to think about something else can be so good fo our mental health. It's so easy to get worked up when all we hear and see is corona virus, so to reduce anxiety only checking the news twice a day and limiting time on social media can be very helpful.

- Keep a routine

"Stick to any scrap of routine you can" ~ @DistractionWild (Twitter)

Keeping a routine no matter the scenario can be helpful for mental health. However, when self-isolating it can be easy to let that routine go. The best advice I have is maintain a sense of normalcy and keep a routine, this can help keep our brain engaged and prevent relapse due to lack of structure.

- Try to get outside for a walk

If you are not displaying symptoms, allowing yourself to get outside for some fresh air and a walk can be super important. If you can, getting some fresh air and some exercise can be super helpful for you mental health.

- Vary your activities

Keeping yourself occupied and distracted is important. Getting bored can lead to overthinking and increased anxiety. In the same way doing one thing all day may feel too intense or get very stressful. By varying your activities you can keep yourself occupied and do things in small chunks.

- Take regular breaks from working/studying

It's easy to get absorbed when you may be at home and need to be working but make sure to take regular breaks to reduce stress and too look after your mental health. This will also increase your concentration and make your work more productive.

- Check out websites such a mind for more advice on mental health.

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