Small Step for Man, Giant Leap for Anna

Having had anxiety since I was 13 there are somethings that my peers are completely comfortable doing that are still new and scary for me. One of these things is travel.

Friends of mine are completely comfortable getting on plane and going off on holiday completely independently. For me, getting on a train is still a big achievement.

A year ago (granted I was having a hypomanic episode) I managed to get three trains and walk for 6 miles to find my parents in the middle of the welsh country side (My some act of God my dad happened to drive along the road and find me after 30 minutes of the 2 hour walk).

Going to lee abbey this year was the first time that I have gone off on holiday completely independently, involving a 2 hour drive on the motorway for the first time by myself. For me this was a massive achievement. It also showed me that I am way more able then I give myself credit for.

Some of my friends from Lee Abbey arranged a meet up in London this weekend, and for the first time it felt like something that I may be able to do on my own. So, I am challenging myself again, I have booked a train to London by myself, I am being spontaneous and not worrying too much about the plan. By letting go and going along with the flow it has given me the ability to get involved, not being held back by my mental health. You know what? Even though I haven't neurotically planned step of a plan, it all worked itself out. My friends are picking me up from the train station and I have a place to stay.

I'm learning from this that it's okay for me to let go and be spontaneous, things still work out well and it open me up to way more opportunities than I have ever had.

It's always great to see that when you progress in your healing it opens up your life to some amazing things.

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