I Joined Youtube...

Youtube is such a massive part of our culture now... There are people younger than me that have full blown careers based of off this platform. People talk about anything and everything on YouTube.

As youtube first started to draw traction I actually did have a YouTube channel with one of my best friends which we promptly deleted as soon as people at school started to see it.

When I started this blog it was supposed to be for me only, I just needed a way too process the bomb that had been dropped on my life. However, I decided that I may be able to help people by sharing my thoughts and experiences. It seemed that people actually liked the things that I was saying and I was helping other people as well as myself.

I love writing a blog, I find writing cathartic and it's a good way to articulate the things that I am feeling. However, as I have been writing this blog my passion for reducing stigma around mental health has grown, and there are a lot of things that I cannot communicate in writing or times when I cannot sit still long enough to write a blog, so... Youtube seemed like a good option.

When I was first diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder one of the things that I did to try and understand more about what I might be experiencing, was searching for videos about bipolar however most of what comes up is documentaries from 10 years ago. All I wanted was someone to chat honestly about their experiences, someone that I could relate to.

There's a couple of channels that I found when deep dive searching for it, but even the fact that I had to sit for an hour to find this shows how much this sort of information needs to be shared.

So that's my plan. I want to be able to share my experiences and be relatable to other people, help to educate those who don't know or understand about mental illness and I want to make it okay to talk about, so that some day people won't be judged for talking about their illness... they won't be an attention seeker for talking about their illness, they will just be someone whose struggling. It would be amazing to think that perhaps someone else will be in a similar position to me and they will search youtube for videos about what they are going through, maybe instead of feeling disheartened about not being able to find the information they wanted, they will find my channel and it will give them some hope.

It's not that I believe that I am some guru for people with mental illness because believe me I am absolutely not. At this point I know that I need to do everything I can to help people with mental illness by talking about it. Just so that someone is.

I hope one day I can give someone hope.

So, this is the link to my channel, check it out if you think it might be something you will enjoy. If you can think of someone you think it could help then please share it with them!


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